Sunday, 21 April 2013

French Bio-Chemist Claims There Are Sedatives In CHEMTRAILS

fb:Max Bliss posted A French Bio-Chemist is claiming that there are sedatives in the CHEMTRAILS.....hmmm ever wondered how so much OBVIOUS tampering with the environment can go on unnoticed......???????? Rusty James posts this article @ Chemtrails are also used as suppressors of emotions, and create "Symptoms of disease.Declaration of a biochemist who worked in the development of chemical compounds to their dispersion in the atmosphere.I can't say with 100% certainty that chemicals, on which I worked, found themselves in the Evergreen aircraft, but I know that it is a proven fact that freight like Evergreen airlines regularly accept large sums of money to load and disperse the chemtrails. It is much more lucrative to carry cargo.Goals: There are too many to count on his ten fingers. It really depends on where they will be used. Many are calming agents. Others induce a State of blur. Rarely, we were asked to develop mixtures which incite to anger or impetuous behaviour. 90% of this we have develloped aimed to affect emotions, mood or cause a certain State of mind.Toxicity: In almost all cases, it was very clear to us, that what we devellopions should have a minimal toxicity. Naturally, a small percent of the population then an allergic tendency to a chemical compound. But in some cases, we even went as far as animal testing to ensure that chemical products, on which we worked, were relatively non-toxic. I've never worked on a project where the outcome was toxic / deadly.Distribution / Accumulation: it varies greatly based on the chemical structure. Some of these mixes we developed were intended to dissipate up to a level of concentration as low as a part per billion at the time when they reached the ground. Others have been specifically designed to reach the ground level and can hold for a period of one year. Even after the passage of rain, wind, snow, etc...I know that 99% of the time, a commercial pilot is not aware that their aircraft may be sprayed with chemtrails. I realized after a while that, regardless of the organization who is 'behind the scenes' of it all, they are very good to ensure to deal directly with the least amount of people as possible. I never knew that was in my employer services outsourcing. Not once.I know that the North America isn't the only continent that uses the ADC (aerially dispersed chemicals chemical products = scattered by air) without the knowledge of the population. However, I also know that the chemical technology of other countries are nearly a decade behind that has the United States.I did not know where the chemicals on which I had worked would be used. Like I said before, there are many secret. I did it for 17 years because the salary and benefits were very interesting. All I can say is that sometimes we were given the task of developing chemical mixtures that was expected very accurate results, which gave me the impression that they would be used in a specific area. State, region, County, city - I do not know. I know that it would be very difficult to target a smaller area than a city, at the sight of the altitude of a commercial aircraft.Also I work on a few projects whose intention was to develop a mixture which is not very far disperse, and that decreased as fast as possible without spreading.We have the use of barium in more of a final product. However, for all of these projects, we conducted extensive testing to ensure that chemicals eliminate at non-toxic levels, to the time they reach the ground. Barytose (due to the barium disease) was a concern of our contractors in the preparation of what where barium was necessary. Most of our final blends using barium have been designed to reach the level of the ground at a level of one part per million or less.I won't tell you anything. I have been out of business for quite some time, to the point where I feel safe, queand to the revelation of some details about my job passed. This, and this glass of scotch.Reasons for spraying:... As I said, we have never known the true intentions of the Contracting Parties. But nine times out of ten, it was pretty obvious because when they ask us to develop chemical compounds, they also tell us what they want to do. To name a few: the climate change, suppressors of emotions, expectorants of emotions, the modification of the environment. In addition, it

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